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This page should help to show what we're doing at the moment. It's split in to a number of sections:

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Hands Up recently co-ran a workshop at the European Social Forum with Amnesty International. The subject was 'young people and change in Europe' and we're hoping to bring together a lot of the young people who attended to create an anti nuclear weapons protest next year - let us know if you're interested in getting invovled.

We have just recieved some money! As it's the first time we have recieved any funding as an organisation we're looking for the best ways to spend it, possibly including travelling to meet up with some local groups to teach them the peer education curriculum or buying a video camera and creating a film with some other young people. Let us know if you have an idea... We are also thinking of a new 'big plan' for next year. please tell us if you would like to get invovled or have a particular issue to suggest we work on. We're still trying to get as many young people involved as possible. Whether through writing an article - however long or short - for the site, debating on the website, delivering or recieving a citizenship workshop, letting us know about a youth group or protest or joining the media database, we really need to get in touch with more young people and start making things happen. If you have a suggestion or would like to work with us, please email us. At the moment we're looking for young people who want to write short articles for a magazine - let us know if you've got something to say. Also, please bear with us at the moment - we're currently working on a lot of non-website issues and therefore updating the forum/keeping lists and events up to date is low on our list of priorities. please get in touch if you want to know something we haven't put up here or you'd like to report an error (or offer some help!)

Latest Article

Injustice in Iraq - Daisy Killeen, 11

'...I thought that Blair and Bush were trying to bring peace. Well, why the hell are they bringing so much injustice instead? ...'

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Latest Interview

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Do you have a suggestion or a young person who we should talk to? Tell us about it.

Interesting Organisations

Think Outside

Think Outside want a positive abstain box, as clearly suggested by the Electoral Commission, because it distinguishes clearly apathy from disillusionment.


Zaytoun means olives in Arabic, and the Zaytoun organisation is aiming to help Palestinians to survive by helping them to pick and distribute their olives. If you are interested in buying a bottle please contact us - the minimum order on their site is 24 bottles but if we find 24 people who each want one bottle we can organise buying together.

'Zaytoun is a uk based non-profit project to buy pesticide free fair trade extra virgin olive oil as an act of solidarity with Palestinian farmers. Olive oil is the backbone of the Palestinian agricultural economy. Since the start of the 2000 Intifada farmers have risked their lives in order to pick their olives. The Israeli Occupation has devastated Palestinian livelihoods and the building of the apartheid wall is exacerbating the situation. The oil will be purchased from The Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committee (PARC) and Sindyanna.'


The European Social Forum

From their site: 'The third European Social Forum took place from 14-17 October in London. The European Social Forum was launched from the World Social Forum meeting in Porto Alegre, Brazil. Its first two massive gatherings were in Florence (2002) and Paris (2003). The ESF is a unique opportunity where social movements, trade unions, NGOs, refugees, peace and anti-imperialist groups, anti-racist movements, environmental movements, networks of the excluded and community campaigns from Europe and the world can come together to discuss how to achieve global social justice for all and debate ways of making 'another world possible'.

Basically, the Social Forum was set up to give people a space to tak about alternative ways of running the planet - environmentally and politically - and to let you meet other people who are trying to change things.