What is the Hands Up For Peace Campaign?

A campaign designed, funded and implemented entirely by young people to demonstrate their opposition to an unjust war in Iraq.

The plan: To gather thousands of handprints from children everywhere, with their name and age on one side and their message for peace on the other. To attach these hands to sticks and plant them all in Parliament Square under a 25 metre banner ‘Hands Up For Peace’. Like flowers, this display will spring up in a single night before the end of March and will leave a vibrant creative message screaming silently in the early morning rush hour.

The ‘field of hands’ will be beautiful, creative and probably very chilling. The idea is straightforward, but the connotations powerful and disturbing, as is the nature of war. It will be a visual statement from the people who have a right to decide what kind of future they wish to inherit.

Will you listen?

download HUFP flyer (pdf file) for your school

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