Campaign updates


'There are no dancers, only the dance'

Kofi Anan Secretary General of the UN pictured in front of our poster!
From UN site: picture source

The results of the Messengers Campaign have been extraordinary. I have gratefully received over 500 emails from around the world from people pledging their support and solidarity with the Messengers campaign. The huge response not only meant a lot to me but demonstrated how much hope there is in a world that is too often labelled as apathetic.

Through 'Envision' I was awarded a scholarship to go to South Africa and participate in the Children's Earth Summit. The cost of the trip exceeded the money that I ever spent on the Poster campaign. At our Summit, children from around the world agreed upon a declaration that outlined a future that we want to inherit. If only the delegates could do the same. We presented our declaration to Kofi Annnan in Soweto.

The British delegation at the Summit requested to see me at their hotel in Sandton in regards to the Messengers Campaign. After being issued a pass I was taken to the delegate's five star hotel for a meeting with Jon Ashton. Mr Ashton congratulated me for what some might call 'vandalising the capital'. I asked him about the difference between Rio de Janeiro and Johannesburg, between Agenda 21 and the Plan of Implementation, about the difference between talking and walking.
I also met the head of Friends of the Earth who had heard about my campaign. In response to the meeting with Jon Ashton, Margarett Beckett (the environment secretary for the UK) has requested to talk to me and we are arranging a meeting in Westminster.

If you respond to the world then the world will respond back again. I was interviewed by Alex Kirby from the BBC (link), the Face, the Guardian, ITV and others. This campaign has proved to me that small actions can have a dramatic impact. It has proved that each person has the potential to make a difference. Whatever small contribution I have made has been repaid to me a thousand times over.

I have already begun saving for the next campaign.