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We are hoping to create a full gallery of the work we and the other young people we work with have done over the last few months. However, we haven't yet been able to find all the images and upload them to the site. Please click here for a taster.

The resources section of this site contains links to other sites which encourage debate, democracy and participation. If you would like your site added to this list please email us. We have also included here an outline of our alternative citizenship curriculum, and resources linked to it. These resources are aimed at young people who have already taken the workshop and who would like to take another look at the issues we talked about there.

Hands Up citizenship workshops aim to prove to young people that politics and current affairs are not only interesting, but affect every area of our lives. If we want to have a say on issues which affect or anger us, we need to understand the context in which they are happening and be able to argue our point of view. Check out the gallery for images of workshops in progress.

I am a teacher or young person interested in holding an alternative citizenship workshop

I am a young person who would like to join your media database

I am a journalist who would like to request an interviewee


Stop the War Coalition


United Nations

           Declaration of Human Rights

           Declaration on the Rights of the Child

The European Union

BBC Citizenship pages (11-16 yrs)

Channel 4 Learning Citizenship pages

The Fairtrade Site


UK Youth Parliament

Liberty Human Rights Organisation

HeadsUp youth debate

SchNEWS - Example of an action group in Brighton

How You Can Change the World - One example of a vision for the future

U What - Translations of Government publications for young people

The 'Give Us A Minute' Campaign


The 'What If' campaign

The Living Issues website - providing objective information on a range of issues

The Votes for Women Website

STAR - raises awareness of and campaigns for aslyum seekers and refugees

The Ministry for Peace - a group set up to campaign for a Government ministry advocating Peace

Amnesty International - a human rights group with a big young peoples section