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Lend a hand!    international hands

If you want to run a local protest, or send hands to be raised in Parliament Square, just follow these simple steps:

Draw around your hand on a piece of card and cut it out

Write your name, age and message on your hand and
decorate it however you want

Either attach the hands to sticks and ‘plant’ them in a local green space (such as in front of the town hall) or (for a national protest) Send your hand to:

Hands Up For...,

76 Blenheim Gdns,

Willesden Green

London, NW2 4NT


Digital hands!

If you need to email your hand to a protest, or would like to download a template for use in a workshop, follow the instructions below.

How to make a digital hand:

• Download the ‘hand.bmp’ file on this page, and open it in a graphics program (Corel, paint etc)
• Alternatively, draw your own hand outline using paint or another drawing program
• Digitally colour in and decorate your hands however you want – you can use photos and pictures from the Internet, scanned in drawings, or the paint tools on the computer.
• Save the file as YOURNAMEhand.jpg or YOURNAMEhand.bmp (make sure that you haven’t resized it and the final file isn’t bigger than 2mb)
• Email it to us at hands_up_for@hotmail.com or directly to your local group

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