Lend a hand!    international hands

If you want your hand raised in Parliament Square, just follow these simple steps:

Draw around your hand on a piece of card and cut it out

Write your name, age and a message for peace on your hand and
decorate it however you want

Send your hand ( and all your friend's hands) to:

Hands Up for Peace,

16, Rutland Park Gardens,

London, NW2 4RG

We'll attach them to sticks and put them all up in one night before April 2003 covering Parliament Square for the morning rush hour.


International hands!

If you live outside the UK and would like to send in a hand so show your solidarity with the young people of Britain, we would love to receive a scanned-in image of your hand or a digital hand (instructions below), even if you can’t post us a hand. We’ll put these hands with all the others in Parliament Square.

How to make a digital hand:

• Download the ‘hand.bmp’ file on this page, and open it in a graphics program (Corel, paint etc)
• Alternatively, draw your own hand outline using paint or another drawing program
• Digitally colour in and decorate your hands however you want – you can use photos and pictures from the Internet, scanned in drawings, or the paint tools on the computer.
• Save the file as YOURNAMEhand.jpg or YOURNAMEhand.bmp (make sure that you haven’t resized it and the final file isn’t bigger than 2mb)
• Email it to us at handsupforpeace@hotmail.com or handsupforpeace@yahoo.co.uk

download HUFP flyer (pdf file) for your school

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Put your hand up for Peace

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