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What do we do?

Hands Up For… has four main functions:

         Alternative Citizenship

         Website debate

         Local and national protests

        Help for journalists/professionals


Alternative Citizenship

We’ve devised a series of workshops aimed at encouraging participation among young people. They cover topics such as sustainability, politics and social issues, and are delivered by us as practical, pro-active sessions which result in participants meeting important figures – such as MP’s – and discussing issues which are important to them. We are always looking for new schools who would like to host the workshops, or new young people who would like to help us deliver them. Check out our curriculum or email us for more details.

Website debate

We believe that it’s important that young people have a chance to get their voices heard, not only by other young people on ‘teen’ message boards, but in intelligent, focused debates. These debates are on current events and relevant issues, and they don’t end on the board. We are dedicated to helping other young people articulate their views in well thought-out articles, local protest groups and the media, and the website message boards are a great place to explore your views before taking a stand on issues. Both the message boards and articles can be accessed from here.

Local and national protests

We’ll help co-ordinate groups around the country, and share our experiences as young people who have successfully set up a protest. This could range from a national display of hands in Parliament Square on a big issue such as war, to a number of linked local campaigns on local issues like rural transportation, to a the publicising and organisation of a single event such as a protests against a school closure. We would also love to help set up pro-active groups, so if you have an idea for a peer mentoring scheme, a sustainability education campaign or even want to highlight and discuss an issue which has not appeared in the media, then contact us. For safety reasons we won’t give out your contact details or arrange meetings, but we can give you advice, tell you about other groups operating in your area and put you in touch with useful organisations. The ‘Hands Up’ idea was first used by us in a campaign against the war (archived here), and we think that it’s a really effective way of getting your voice heard, even as a child. For information on how to make a hand, go here.

Help for journalists and professionals

We can put you in touch with groups of young people who have something to say. This is a mutually beneficial arrangement as while you gain a deeper and more reliable insight in to our views as young people on issues that affect us, we are able to get our views across to a world which often pays us little attention. We have strict guidelines on the ways in which young people can be contacted, but for further information go here.