''Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?"

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The idea to put up 10,000 A2 colour posters in one night started over two years ago. It took a year to realise that it could happen and a further year to save up the money. The money was raised by me, a single 17 year old girl in full time education through tutoring, babysitting, by drinking tap water in pubs and shopping in car boot sales. But it was done and I considered myself at one of the happiest times in my life whilst I was saving. It added a new perspective to things. Self-value became more important than value. I say this because I don't want people to think that I'm some kind of self-sacrificing hero - I enjoyed what I was doing so much that I hope to complete further campaigns in the future!

The poster itself was designed by Melissa Manteghi, aged 17 (a copy of the poster will be avaiolable soon) Kierra Box (16) helped with IT templates and advice on technology.

I also had to research ethical printers (all the posters were printed on 100% recycled paper). Printing the posters ethically did increase the price, but this only made me more determined to complete the campaign and encourage a more ethical and economically viable option for others. After investigating quotes from various printing companies I decided to give the job to the Aldgate Press in London. The total price for printing alone came to 1435.

I wrote press statements and researched journalists who would provide media coverage. The final steps were the hardest. A meeting place had to be arranged for over 100 people to pick up maps, posters, bus timetables, paste and brushes. Inner London was divided into 40 squares with groups going to each area. No individual was allowed to go to an area alone for safety, especially since the vast majority of participants (working for free all through the night) are under 18.

10,000 posters, 200 people, 1 night

24th July 2002

Pick up the posters, a partner, a map and paste anytime between 6pm and 11pm and then go straight on to plaster the capital at nightfall.

Posters will be picked up from Speaker's Corner in Marble Arch. You can get there from Marble Arch tube station exit 4 or get a bus (16, 189, 139, 98, 6, 36 all stop there)

If possible please bring a bucket for paste and a brush - and remember, the earlier you turn up the more chance you'll get of receiving the area you want to cover.

Please bring any friends/family members that would be interested in helping Please email me to confirm that you are definitely available

Email: rowenna@talk21.com

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