This is a declaration from young people against
what we believe will be an unjust war in Iraq

We believe a war is being deliberately pursued by those who have the power to prevent it.

A war in which the ends do not justify the means.

It is a war that represents the subordination of humanitarian interests to economic interests. Imperialism must not hide behind a mask of ‘duty’.

As young people we have a right to decide what kind of future we wish to inherit. We have a right to raise our hands against spending more money on death. We cannot afford this war. We cannot afford more loss of life. If blood is shed, it will not be on our hands.

Too many innocent people were killed on September the 11th. The terrorism that brought down the twin towers was born out of instability, are we to spread that instability further?

A lasting peace in the Middle East cannot be born out of more violence. A stable future needs stable foundations. A ‘short’ war in Iraq in the interests of the Iraqi people cannot be entrusted into the hands of Bush and Blair. How much Depleted Uranium is going to scar the Iraqi lives for generations to come? Or does that type of suffering not matter? This kind of warfare is not safeguarding any future.

This campaign stands as a challenge to apathy and a call to consciousness.

Let it be known that we will not sit by and watch as world leaders rattle our faith in democracy by starting a war without majority support, or without endorsement from the United Nations.

We raise up our hands in protest.

Will you listen?

download HUFP flyer (pdf file) for your school

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