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HUFP pic @ 15th Feb (our banner at the demo 15th Feb)

download HUFP flyer (pdf file) for your school

Stop the War Coalition


Three short film pieces by bbc4 about the organisation of hands up.)

Guardian article 'Students Raise Their Hands in Protest'

Article by Sally Weale, in the Guardian, 'Who was it good for?'

What Oxfam have to say about us

Women strike An opportunity for people to come and speak about their anti-war actions and why
they oppose the war


Get your voice heard!

You can email us at:

Or write to:

Hands Up For Peace,
16 Rutland Park Gardens,
Willesden Green,

Thanks to:

Ashton Gate Primary School, Bristol for their pack of hands and letter of solidarity

Rushey Meed School for their parcel of over 200 hands

The United Kingdom's Youth Parliament's support and contribution

Highgate and Holloway Woodcraft for their gorgeous glittery hands

Edinburgh Venturers, Pioneers and Elfins

Manchester Charlton Venturers and DFs

Gallean Elfins and the Woodcraft Folk from Central Brighton and Hove District for their 27 beautiful works of art covered in ribbons

30 Hands from the Banbury Woodcraft folk

Red Deer Elfins and Oaktree Pioneers in London

Rebecca Cambridge and the Gloucestershire Crew

Fulhurst Community College, Leicester

Alice and the Welsh Quakers

West Coventry DFs

Eastbourne Woodcraft Folk

Hevensholme Woodcraft, Manchester

Newcastle DFs

Sunderland Elfins and Pioneers

North Bristol Venturers

Hughes and the Evington Pioneers, Leicester

Rainbow Pioneers, Bristol

Woodgrange Pioneers and Elfins

Amazing glittery creations of the Elfins and Venturers of Hebden Bridge

Ruth Matt and Louise in Brighton who sent 265 hands from Brighton

Eclipse Elfins, Oxford Woodcraft Folk

Sam Beste and the 500 hands from Fortismere School

12 hands from Otley Elfins, West Yorks

Firefly Elfins and Pioneers and their 3D masterpieces, Brighton

49 hands from Newham Woodcraft Folk

Wanstead Quaker Group - wow! They're laminated!

Judy Hemmings and the hands from Gwynedd

Elfins of Moseley/Kings Heath Birmingham

The hands, the financial contribution and the lovely letter from Deborah Daw and her family in Dorset

Monilla and the hands from Spain

Sally Reynolds, her children and her kind words

Alice Skidmore and the 82 hands from Downlands Community School in Hassocks

.......and the person who sent a foot!

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