A campaign run entirely by young people to encourage political participation,
democracy and debate throughout society
Hands Up For Peace
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(Environmental poster campaign)

This site is intended for young people, those who work with young people, journalists and interested individuals. Read 'What's New' to hear our most recent news.

Young People:

Check out the 'Get Involved' link at the bottom of this page to look at how you can get involved by writing articles, protesting and joining our message board (the board is currently down for maintainence - sorry!) Join our Media Database if you're interested in being interviewed about things you're passionate about - or check the archive to see examples of past published work. If you would like to learn about our citizenship workshops or are looking for citizenship resources check out the 'Resources' section.

Those who work with young people:

Read our alternative citizenship curriculum and email us if you would like to run it in a school, youth or protest group near you. If you would like to use the views expressed in articles or on our messageboard, please contact us for permission.


Find our what we do and how we do it below, or fill in a request form if you would like to contact interested young people. For some background to the organisation, check out the archived projects above or the gallery.

Interested Individuals:

Brendan Kerr

Check out the three links on the left below to learn about Hands Up and what we do.

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